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‘Pa’, our service delivery algorithm, is committed to elevating service standards by predicting and influencing human behaviour.

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Always on and monitoring 24x7x365

Unlike you, Pa doesn’t need sleep or weekends. Pa, like Ma, works 24x7x365 so you don’t have to continue working as hard as you do.

Predicts service delivery issues

Pa prides himself on his ability to predict potential service delivery issues and mitigates risk by automatically engaging with talent to quantify his risk assessment and take corrective action to mitigate risk.

Mitigates service delivery risk

Pa’s mantra is “engage, encourage, and support” and he is always-on, always-engaged, and always-supporting both your hourly talent and workforce manager/s.

Leverages empathic intelligence to drive outcomes

Pa identifies opportunities for better outcomes and then nudges people towards achieving them. He not only ensures the job gets done, Pa improves the happiness of the people he serves.

Facilitates up/down performance reviews every shift

Pa can be configured to promote desired outcomes and reward talent performance. Pa monitors schedule adherence, service levels, and facilitates equitable performance reviews at the end of every shift. Yes, Pa delivers daily performance reviews - Ma demands it.

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