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Attract and retain top talent by providing your employees with cost-effective training that aligns with your organisation's goals and helps employees grow.

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Orientation training

Network enables new hires to hit the ground running. Orientation training can be delivered automatically via the Flex mobile app, your existing LMS, or instructor led.


Help your team see a path to career advancement and get them excited about what could be next by up-skilling employee skillsets.


Reduce dependencies, save money,  and increase productivity by cross-training your team.


Whether the work requires someone with a COVID-19 Vaccination, CPR Training, Food Safety, a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, or other specific training, Network will keep you compliant by leverage Accreditations to get the right workers with the right qualifications assigned to each shifts.

Identify skill gaps

Easily recognise skill gaps in your workforce and let Network’s Empathic Intelligence engine inform your employee development and hiring programs.

Enhance performance

Businesses need employees that are able to get the job done. Network will help determine the strengths, weaknesses, and potential gaps in your workforce helping you make critical business decisions and create meaningful outcomes.

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