Data Analytics

Leverage data to predict trends and make informed decisions that will have a meaningful impact on your business.

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Talent Acquisition

  • Real-time insights into applicant funnel
  • Identify areas of demand by location, role, experience, etc.
  • Visualise entire talent acquisition life-cycle

Workforce Analysis

  • Internal Supply
  • Workforce Demographics
  • Identify trends

Demand Analysis

  • Identify gaps
  • Separation/turnover/ vacancy rates
  • Compare supply with demand analysis to determine future shortages and excess in the number of workers needed, types of roles, and skillsets

Net-profit protection

  • Visualise Talent Acquisition, training, and missed opportunity costs
  • Identify areas of risk and opportunities for organisational growth
  • Understand spend across the organisation and create strategies to help reduce and contain costs.

Customisable Dashboards

  • Create the analytics needed to make informed decisions
  • Make it possible for everyone across the organisation to visualise how hiring decisions, cost models, and risk management are impacted by the movement of talent.

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